Our Mission

Our mission at Project Peace Clothing is to contribute to creating a world that does not face the issues that it does today. A future where people struggle daily to get food and clean drinking water becomes nonexistent, where families can stay warm at night—a world where people show kindness through actions. We use our social media platforms to spread awareness of homelessness and those with mental illness, and we use it as a tool to spark discussion about what we can all do to help. When you buy a piece of clothing from Project Peace, we formally donate a piece of clothing to someone in need. Your contributions help us make more care packages with essentials every year to help those in need. Everyone deserves food, water, and warmth. We hope to increase awareness of issues worldwide through our brand and products and make a difference with our contributions. ​Let's better our world together. (See more about our gifts on Our Story page) #ProjectPeaceClothing

For donations, you can find us on venmo @ProjectPeaceClothing or zelle at

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